September 26th to October 5th, 2022

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    Hearing God Bootcamp

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Day 1: September 26th

Hearing God Bootcamp

$59 ONLY $27

It’s time to accelerate your ability to hear God’s voice!

Not only do we need to hear God clearly, but we also need to understand how to interpret and respond when God speaks to us.

Inside of the Hearing God Bootcamp, I will reveal the skills, strategies and insights I have gleaned over my 20+ years in ministry to help you gain confidence in hearing God’s voice for your life every day. Find out more below! 

Day 2: September 27th

Dream Crash Course

$97 ONLY $37

Discover how to interpret and understand what God may be saying to you through your dreams like an expert in quick manner

The Dream Crash Course is a spiritual approach to understanding dreams and is not based on a psychological model. I use the Bible, the Torah and basic metaphoric understanding to help you develop the ability to recognize symbolism on your own.

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    Dream Crash Course

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    Power Tools for Healing Bundle

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Day 3: September 28th

Power Tools for Healing Bundle

$111 ONLY $49

Power Tools for Healing

Find out how we can respond when the enemy comes in with storms of fear, sickness and emotional unrest. No more waiting! You (and your loved ones) have suffered enough! It’s time to finally break free and be whole again!

Accelerating Your ‘Time to Heal’

God is releasing new power and anointing to get healed physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually. Rediscover what the Bible actually says about suffering—and healing.

How To Be At Peace In Any Storm

Learn how you can align with Heaven, overcome fear and many of the major attacks people are facing today.

Day 4: September 29th

Courts of Heaven Mastery Course

$297 ONLY $77

Join Doug Addison in this comprehensive deep dive into Understanding the Courts of Heaven. This course is jam-packed with all of Doug’s Courts of Heaven material consolidated into ONE Mastery Course.

Plus … with powerful ebooks, steps to enter the Courts of Heaven and ready-to-use Petitions and Prayers, you will get all of the power tools you need for your personal breakthrough!

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    Courts of Heaven Mastery Course

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    Prophetic Empowerment Kit

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Day 5: September 30th

Prophetic Empowerment Kit

$148 ONLY $55

Activate Hearing & Seeing in the Spirit

Get clear on why God wants you to feel confident in your ability to “see” and “hear” in the spirit!

Prophecy, Dreams & Visions

Learning to properly discern or interpret what God is saying is a major key to being able to properly perceive or understand what He means.

Preparing For Your Visitation

See yourself fully healed with healthy relationships, walking in deeper revelation and intimacy with God and completely restored in faith and wholeness! 

Growing in Prophetic Wisdom, Discernment & Understanding

Discover how you can break out of discouragement and grow in confidence and clarity in your God-given gifts.

Day 6: October 1st

Life & Spirit On-The-Go Kit

$179 ONLY $77

School of the Spirit

Learn to hear how God speaks through prophecy and dreams as they point to your life calling and purposeFind yours and help others find theirs too!

Unlock Your Life & Purpose

After training people on hearing God for nearly 30 years, Doug Addison has developed an accelerated learning process that uses biblical principles and the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. 

Getting Clarity When God Speaks

You don’t have to be a prophet to hear God clearly! Getting Clarity When God Speaks will help you take your relationship with God to a whole new level!

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    Life & Spirit On-The-Go Audio Kit

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  • Unlocking Your Breakthrough: Self-Coaching Toolkit

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Day 7: October 2nd

Unlocking Your Breakthrough

$77 ONLY $27

The Unlock Your Breakthrough: Self-Coaching Toolkit is a result of over 25 years of Doug coaching himself to reach goals and making lots of mistakes in the process. Through these mistakes Doug learned and perfected the process to coach himself and others into their breakthroughs.

You’ll be getting everything you need to go through the process of discovering your life purpose, creating a MAP for your goals and coaching yourself through any obstacles you face as you go after your destiny!

Day 8: October 3rd

Seer Activation Kit

$97 ONLY $37

The Seer Gift: How to Activate Your Prophetic Vision

Maybe you are already hearing God and seeing into the heavenly realm, but you need a boost to go to the next level in your understanding. You need to sharpen your ability to see and hear what God is doing right now in the heavenly realm. This is called the Seer Gift. The Seer Gift is often misunderstood, but is available to everyone.

How to Activate Seeing and Hearing in the Spirit

I combine this with practical activation exercises that go beyond most training workshops and I show you how to do it—and pray prophetic prayers of impartation over you to pull your gifts forward. I’ll help you accelerate the process of activating what God is speaking to you so you can avoid the pain and fear of missing out.

There’s a Fresh, New Wave of the “Seer Anointing” Being Released!

  • Seer Activation Kit

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  • Financial Breakthrough Bundle

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Day 9: October 4th

Financial Breakthrough Bundle

$101 ONLY $39

God’s Financial Strategies for Financial Recovery

Find out how you can position yourself to receive new strategies from Heaven to get out of debt, increase your finances and have an abundance to help others!

How to Get Your Financial Breakthrough

Your financial breakthrough is needed in the Earth! Get clear on why God wants to bless you … even when things around you are a mess! 

Restoring Your Financial Storehouse

Find out the strategies God gave me for healing—which apply not only to your financial health—but also your physical health and relationships!

Flip Your Financial Future

Practical kingdom strategies to get out of debt, increase your finances and even start or grow your business or ministry, so you can “flip” your financial future … and flip it good!

Day 10: October 5th

Breakthrough Strategy Session

Any Donation!

Doug received several power prayers, decrees and strategies from the Lord that opened the heavens and released solutions and blessings, including financial miracles. In this Breakthrough Strategy Session, he shares those power prayers and decrees with you and prays a powerful breakthrough prayer over you.

You can get access to this for ANY DONATION!

  • Breakthrough Strategy Session Group Mentoring with Doug Addison

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