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Angel Stories – Paperback

Discover firsthand stories of supernatural experiences and encounters from Randy Clark, John Paul Jackson, Doug Addison, James Goll, Shawn Bolz and more!


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Some of you have entertained angels unawares (Heb. 13:2).

Do angels really exist? What is their purpose? Do they interact with us? Are they here protecting us right now? Adapted from the feature-length documentary, Angel Stories answers these questions and more through a collection of personal, one-on-one conversations with top prophetic Christian leaders. These enlightening and powerful stories present the case for the existence of angels, explore their purpose, and give you biblical insight into this fascinating subject. Contributors include:
  • John Paul Jackson: “Hitchhiking with an Angel”
  • Randy Clark: “The Supernatural is Real”
  • Joshua Mills: “Seeing Angels Through a Child’s Eyes”
  • Shawn Bolz: “Angel in a White Suit”
  • Doug Addison has 14 chapters with some amazing supernatural stories and encounters.

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2 reviews for Angel Stories – Paperback

  1. James W. Goll

    “Angel Stories is an inspiring book of true-to-life testimonies by credible people who have experienced the God of the supernatural in their everyday lives. It might just help you become more aware that heavenly assistance is part of your divine inheritance!”

    – James W. Goll, Encounters Network, Author, The Seer

  2. Joshua Mills

    “You will be encouraged, inspired, and filled with faith as you read these angel stories from everyday people who have discovered this fascinating dimension of divine assistance. Angel Stories will give you hope to believe—and possibly even eyes to see into this often-unseen realm!”

    – Joshua Mills, New Wine International

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