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Courts of Heaven Workshops

What exactly are the Courts of Heaven and how do we interact with them here on Earth? Find out the legal system of Heaven functions and how you can open a case for yourself or a loved one to get repayment, restoration and justice.

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Throughout the Bible we see God interacting with us in a courtroom type of setting.

There are two online workshops, which each include two 2-hour online video, 2 mp3 audios and PDF downloads of Doug’s teaching notes.

Did you know you are already interacting with the Courts of Heaven when you pray?

Heaven is already on your side!

Access all the revelation that makes the insights in the Bible much more alive … and find out HOW to apply this to your life and circumstances now.

  • How the court systems of Heaven operate and how to operate in them
  • How you can get an advantage over Satan through the legal system of the Lord
  • What role the Courts of Heaven play in your life calling and promotions
  • How to mediate and settle outside the court of Heaven
  • Understanding heavenly protocols
  • The heavenly jail and how to avoid it (Matthew 18:22-35)
  • Opening and accessing the storehouses of Heaven
  • Heavenly bank accounts, the Joseph anointing and financial blessing
  • Powerful Bible verses you can use for your defense

Jesus is our great mediator who allows us to approach the throne of grace with boldness. When it comes to overcoming your spiritual battles, the key is to work smarter, not harder!

Doug shares several practical examples from his own life, too, so you can see how to put this into practice for yourself!

What’s Covered in Part 1?

  • Session 1: Introduction to the Courts of Heaven
  • Session 2: God’s Justice System
  • Session 3: Understanding the Kingdom of Heaven
  • Session 4: How the Courts of Heaven Work
  • Session 5: Prayer and Spiritual Warfare
  • Session 6: Effective Prayer Strategies
  • Session 7: How to Settle Outside of Court (Mediation)
  • Session 8: Praying in the Courts of Heaven
  • Session 9: Advanced Practices
  • Session 10: Q&A

What’s Covered in Part 2?

  • Session 1: Overview of the Courts of Heaven
  • Session 2: Different Types of “Courts” in Heaven (and which ones you can go in to)
  • Session 3: Understanding the Court of the Accuser
  • Session 4: Dealing with Your Adversary
  • Session 5: Becoming More Effective
  • Session 6: Advanced Spiritual Warfare & Prayer
  • Session 7: Unlocking Your Inheritance
  • Session 8: More on the Justice System of God
  • Session 9: Effective Ways to Plead Your Case
  • Session 10: Q&A

Remember, Heaven is already on your side!


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