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Discovering Your Divine Assignment – Workshop

You are living in a defining moment in history! God is revealing His coming plans for strategic divine alliances in marriages, businesses and ministries. Now, out of the shaking that is happening in governments, businesses, churches and individuals, these divine alliances are starting to form. Are you ready to discover your part in this strategy?



It’s Time to Discover Your Unique Calling from God!

A Word from Doug Addison: Over 26 Years Later … the Prophetic Word That Started All of This In 1991, I had my first angelic encounter (which shocked me at the time!) in which an angel brought a prophetic message to me over 2 days while I was camping at Big Sur, California. The angel told me to seal up this revelation until I saw several things come to pass—things that would be a sign that I could release this prophetic word. I held onto this tattered file folder of revelation until 2004 when the Lord spoke to me and said, “It’s now time to release the message.” So I did. And I originally entitled this message “End-Times Marriages.” But as I dug deeper and God revealed more, I realized it is revelation not only for marriages, but also business and ministry partnerships and other kingdom relationships that God was going to bring together for the purposes of expanding the Kingdom. Then in 2009, I released a short book on this word called, "Divine Alliances." I spoke on this subject several times and the message went around the world. I have since gotten even deeper insight and revelation into this prophetic word and God revealed that now is the time that the “Divine Alliances” word is beginning to unfold in greater ways in people’s lives. Including yours! *** In this 2-hour workshop, you will hear Doug share the deeper insights that bring clarity to this major move of God that is calling these strategic partnerships together—and how you can be positioned to discover your divine assignment and purpose now. Highlights of this workshop include:
  • Why God is repositioning many of you right now in different areas of life.  
  • The 4 things God promises you
  • Prophetic insight into God’s new paradigm for marriages—both new and those that need to be restored
  • God’s restoration of the single, widowed, and divorced
  • What it really means to be equally yoked
  • God’s promotion of women
  • What to do with those prophetic words about marriage, ministry and business
  • 5 clues to discover your unique calling from God
  • Insight into our children and the calling being placed upon them now.
  • Kingdom business strategies that will fund ministries
  • The Joseph/Josephine Anointing
  • 4 habits to change your life forever
  • The prayer King David should have prayed
  PLUS: A breakthrough self-assessment, activation and Q&A with Doug! Includes online video, mp3 audio and PDF download of teaching notes. Download this workshop now and get ready for what God is about to do in your life!


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