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Encountering The Supernatural Workshop

Experience the “more” of God through the Holy Spirit, angels and supernatural encounters. One of Doug’s most popular online workshops.


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Experience the "More" of God Through the Holy Spirit, Angels and Supernatural Encounters

This is one of Doug Addison’s most popular online workshops—and now this teaching is available for you! Includes video, audio and PDF download of teaching notes. Through this 2-hour ministry school level video workshop, Doug will reveal how the supernatural realm works so you can experience the deeper things of God. In fact, you were created to interact in this realm.
Almost every day, Doug Addison has incredible encounters with the things of God including angels, the Holy Spirit, and the supernatural. Doug’s first one-of-a-kind encounter with an angel was in 1991. While it was shocking to him at first, it turned out to be very powerful 8 years later. Highlights Include:  
  • Living under an open heaven
  • Recognizing and activate angels
  • Opening the heavens over yourself
  • Living out prophetic words
  • Switching from seeing demons to angels
  • Discerning the counterfeit versus the real
  • Interacting with the courtroom of Heaven
Plus, you’ll get to hear about some of Doug’s most exciting supernatural encounters and be activated to have similar encounters for yourself. One supernatural encounter with God can change your life forever! Are you ready?


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