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Personal Development God’s Way – Paperback

Great for breaking through to something new! Lose weight, write a book, start a business or ministry, change careers … you name it, Doug Addison walks you through the tools you need to move forward and reach your goals—God’s way!


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How to change your life and fulfill your destiny!

Doug Addison developed Personal Development God’s Way after he spent a lifetime of studying why some Christians’ lives change radically and others do not. Using test study groups of Christians from various backgrounds, his discovery is quite revealing, and he shares it with you.

This 272-page book is an accessible, God-centered handbook for people like you who want to move beyond the same routine and fulfill their destiny. A series of exercises closes each chapter, which makes practical application of biblically based breakthrough principles.

People who have read this book are doing things like: losing weight, writing books, starting businesses and ministries, improving their careers, and deepening their relationship with God and others. You too can live a life with purpose and passion.

Visit the Personal Development God’s Way website for more resources.

Highlights include:

  • Understand more clearly what the Bible says about your personal growth.
  • Uncover clues about your purpose, destiny, and passions.
  • Learn to identify dreams at night that point toward your life dreams.
  • Keep the past from negatively affecting your future.
  • How to identify and change hidden ungodly beliefs.
  • How to hear the voice of God for your current situation.
  • Live a breakthrough lifestyle through which all things are truly possible.
  • Develop a life strategy with steps toward an extraordinary future.

Full of practical examples, stories and detailed study questions, this book will take your life to a new level so you can walk in the destiny that God has for you.

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3 reviews for Personal Development God’s Way – Paperback

  1. “Doug Addison takes a fresh, compelling approach to the unfolding of one’s God-intended destiny and provides both insights and practical grounding tools from Scripture to invite us to embrace what I often refer to as God’s grand design. This isn’t simply a one-time read. This is a life-long learning manual for staying in step with God, staying in step with destiny, and staying in step with those God has invited to join you on the path.”

    – Dr. Mark Chironna,

  2. “The world is crying out for tools and keys of how to live a successful and purposeful life. Many books have been tried to answer those questions. But most are missing the most important element that brings that personal fulfillment. Personal Development God’s Way by Doug Addison addresses the tension of taking charge of your destiny and having it fueled and guided by the Holy Spirit. This book will motivate the believer who has been waiting for the direction of the Lord. God has given us authority to pursue our destiny and is longing to partner with a people who are courageous and confident to go after it.”

    – Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding CA

  3. “God wants all His children blessed, enjoying fullness of life in His presence and goodness. Doug Addison, in Personal Development God’s Way, teaches you how to walk with God and explore His potential and divine appointed purposes for your life. A great read!”

    – Patricia King,

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