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Accelerating Your ‘Time to Heal’ Webinar REPLAY – March 2017

Webinar REPLAY with Doug Addison – available through April 19, 2017.
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“Why am I still not healed?”

Have you ever asked yourself—or God—that question?
I know I did. Then I discovered this …

Here is some of what you’ll get in this webinar:


  • Rediscover what the Bible actually says about suffering—and healing
  • Developing words that heal and not steal from you
  • Cleansing of your past and present
  • Discerning the root your attack—how to hear from God for the source
  • Understanding the spiritual roots of disease
  • What to look for if you are not getting healed
  • Walking through generational healing and cleansing your family lines
  • Dealing with soul wounds and spiritual attacks
  • Developing a healing strategy
  • Spiritual warfare that gets results
  • What it means to live your life in the Spirit
  • How to stay healed after your breakthrough
  • Tools that I used to contend for my healing
  • Get a copy of Doug’s declarations and daily prayers.


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