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Write Your Book Now! Challenge 2022 — Upgrade

During the Write Your Book Now! 2022 Challenge, you’ll get access to a unique coaching model to help you speed up your process.

First, you’ll receive a self-guided online course with the tools, strategy and positive boost you need to write and publish
your book.

Secondly, you’ll get to participate in the interactive, live Zoom sessions with my personal publishing team which will occur weekly throughout the 30-day period.

With weekly training recaps, discussion, assignments, and live Q&A, you’ll finally have the support and accountability you need to take action and get your book completed!


For the first time ever—we are hosting this course in a hybrid challenge/coaching model—we are challenging you to get your book written in 30 days or less and I am giving you access to my personal InLight publishing team!

They will walk with you through the 30 day challenge and will be available to answer your questions, pray for you and share their knowledge and experience with you!


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