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Write Your Book Now!

Everything you need to get your book written in as little as 30 days, even if you don’t know where to start.

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It’s Time to Get Your Book Written—and Published!

“Do not be discouraged by the number of books out there … there are none like yours!” - Doug Addison
Now is the time to position yourself for the future, to capture the new flow coming from Heaven for books. God is releasing so much new revelation from Heaven—right now! In this self-guided online course, Doug Addison guides you through the strategies God gave him that took him from sitting on an idea for 3 years—to writing and publishing his first book in 30 days!
This self-guided online course includes:
  • 2-hour video workshop of Jumpstart Your Writing Now and downloadable teaching notes
  • FREE Guide to Writing Your Book in 30 Days ebook
  • PLUS 8 Instructional Downloads
And here is just SOME of what you’ll learn:
  • The one thing you should NEVER do when you are writing the first draft of your book.
  • How to set up the right writing environment to stay organized while you write.
  • 5 different writing approaches you can use.
  • 3 ways you can create a book without actually writing a word of it.
  • The biggest mistake that bloggers make today and how you can avoid it.
  • 5 things you can journal about daily that will help you write your book or blog.
  • The journaling “secret” to connecting better with God and yourself BEFORE you start your writing process.
  • How to decide whether to have your book published or self-publish it.
  • The “secret” company that will print your books without you having to buy large quantities.
  • How you can easily make sure your book is going to sell—and how to get testimonials and reviews before you even publish it.
Whether you are a speaker who needs to get your message into a book or you feel called to write and have a story that could help others—but you don’t know where to start—Write Your Book Now! can take you from blank document to finished manuscript in as little as 30 days.

4 reviews for Write Your Book Now!

  1. Christian & Lyneesha Johnson

    This information has helped my wife and I write our first eBook, which is a 7-day devotional that was designed to encourage and renew the marriage relationship! Your teaching and supporting documents are a step-by-step map that leads from the beginning straight to a finished product. I thank God for you!

    Christian & Lyneesha JohnsonCo-Authors of “I Speak Life”

  2. K.L. Glanville

    “Doug helped me get jump started in completing my first book. His advice about taking small steps that add up over time has been helpful in my writing. He offers great tips and exercises designed to help YOU express your uniqueness.”

    K.L. GlanvilleAuthor of The Realm: The Awakening Begins and Fiction Writing Handbook | Pasadena, CA

  3. Sharnael Wolverton

    I had been trying to write a book for over two years. I did just one of Doug Addison’s exercises and I finished my manuscript in less than three weeks! Since then I have written several books. Thanks Doug!”

    Sharnael WolvertonAuthor and Speaker | Swiftfire Ministries International | Baton Rouge, LA

  4. Amber Pictota

    Amber Picota is a busy wife, mother and co-pastor who went through Doug’s Write Your Book Now! course in 2015.

    Watch the video to find out what happened in 2016!

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