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One of our favorites from the InLight Connection team!

Experience Heaven coming to Earth in an entirely new way!

Are you having more dreams or other types of God-encounters lately?

Perhaps you’re feeling called to something more in life, but aren’t sure what.

The Prophetic Forecast series, Volumes 1, 2 & 3, will give you new understanding about what is happening in the spiritual realm now and how you can strategically position yourself to be ready for what is to come.

These books have been revolutionary in helping me understand the times and seasons of God. If you are looking to go to the next level or to understand what God is doing over the next several years, these books are a must read!”
Online Operations Manager
God-lover, Bible Nerd, Creator and blogger
Chapter 7, in Prophetic Forecast Volume 3, changed the way I think, which changed the way I speak and relate to people. I can honestly say that all my relationships have become deeper and more loving as a result!”
“Prophetic Forecast, Volume 3, is like climbing to the top of a mountain on a crystal-clear day. You can see for miles and miles, are inspired by the view and understand the big picture. Don’t miss out on gaining the perspective you need during this pivotal time in the Kingdom.”
Copywriter & Editor
Husband, father, adventurer
“I love reading Doug's Prophetic Forecast books to prepare my heart for what God will do in the coming year. Prophetic Forecast Volume 3 is my favorite with new insight and hope for the revival that upon us.  The accounts from Doug's heavenly journal opened Heaven to me in a new way.  I highly recommend this book!”
Publishing/Book Designer
Coffee Aficionado, Book Designer, Treasure Hunter

About the Prophetic Forecast Series

As a “times and seasons” prophet, Doug Addison receives revelation and prophetic words each year, which he now releases in book format.

In the first 2 volumes of the Prophetic Forecast series, Doug shares thrilling visions into the spiritual realm for the times and seasons beginning in 2016 and 2017.

  • Volume 1: “Get insights into what God is doing over the next 7 years.”
  • Volume 2: “Expand your vision for the future and sharpen your focus for how to position yourself.”
  • Volume 3: “Experience Heaven coming to Earth in a powerful new way!” Doug shares the insights and revelation God gave him in 2017 and unpacks the impact it will have on our future.

Get All 3 Paperbacks for only $36 $25!

Or Purchase One of the Series

Volume 1

Get insights into what God is doing over the next 7 years. Plus, declarations and tips for how to step into God’s timing to align your life for breakthrough!


From: $5-$7.99

Volume 2

Expand your vision for the future and sharpen your focus for how to position and prepare yourself to succeed in 2017 and beyond! Doug Addison’s Prophetic Forecast-Volume 2 builds on the words released in the  Prophetic Forecast - Volume 1..

From: $7.99-$12

Volume 3

Grounded in the Bible and filled with revelation, Prophetic Forecast, Volume 3 will give you new insights into what is happening in the spiritual realm NOW. Go “Behind the Curtain” with Doug’s 50 Days of Heavenly Encounters.

From: $7.99-$12