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Kingdom Financial Strategies – mp3 download

In this 2-part audio teaching with companion study guide, Doug uncovers biblical financial strategies most people are unaware of.


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Take your finances to the next level with hidden strategies directly from the Bible!

You’ll find many financial principles throughout the Bible—including the most common teachings like giving to receive and reaping what you sow. But in this MP3 audio set, Doug Addison uncovers many kingdom financial principles most people are not aware of. As you apply these principles to your life you will begin to experience lasting change in the area of money, ministry and business.   Highlights Include:
  • How to develop a lifestyle that attracts blessing
  • Breaking through limited mindsets
  • Redefining true wealth
  • Pitfalls to money
  • Finances from a kingdom standpoint
  • Powerful biblical principles that most people miss
This is not a quick fix for your finances and it is not designed to train you on how to balance your budget. It will, however, open your eyes to new possibilities and impart strategies from Heaven that are found by few people.


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