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Hearing God Bootcamp – International

In this season, it is important that we are hearing God clearly so that we can capture the strategies and understand the new gifts He is releasing to us now. So, I’ve put together this Hearing God Bootcamp to help you make sure you are hearing God accurately, all obstacles are removed, and you can access the breakthrough points you need for your new gifts and assignments.

PLEASE NOTE: This includes a physical book.


This Hearing God Bootcamp includes:

  • Doug’s new How to Hear God Accurately Audio Series (mp3 downloads)
  • Doug’s Hearing God Every Day book (Kindle version, available to purchase here: Hearing God Every Day Kindle)
  • 5 PDF downloads to help guide you:
    • Steps to Know You Are Hearing God
    • Breaking the Fear of Being Deceived
    • Removing Obstacles to Hearing God
    • Tips to Hearing God for Big Decisions
    • How to Make A Desires of Your Heart List
3-Part Audio Series

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