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Advancing in the Courts of Heaven – Workshop

Do you feel defeated in your daily life?

I have good news …

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There’s new activity in the heavenly realm to break us free!

Ever been stuck on an airplane in a holding pattern? It’s frustrating to feel stuck with no place to land.  You may start to feel yourself tense up and begin thinking that you’re never getting off this plane! Sometimes you will find yourself in a spiritual holding pattern. It’s like no matter what you try or how hard you pray, you’re just stuck. What could take weeks or months to work out in the natural realm, can often be handled in a matter of hours or days utilizing the Courts of Heaven. After training people for several years on how to interact and use the Courts of Heaven, I have a fresh understanding of how it can be used in your everyday life. I’ve created new simplified, practical instruction … available inside of my workshop.

Advancing in the Courts of Heaven

Strategies to Win in Your Daily Life

If you identify with any of these statements, then this workshop may be just what you need to move forward:
  • You or someone you know has been in a difficult season and you want to learn more about the timing of Heaven and the season we are in now.

  • You know God has a solution for the loss you have incurred, but you have not yet been able to get a clear strategy and make the needed progress to fully recover.

  • You have been getting repeated attacks and have not been able to get your breakthrough for healing, finances, or your destiny.

  • You want to understand and break off the underlying causes blocking your breakthrough. You’re curious about the books of Daniel and Revelation but when you read them you feel confused and would like to understand them more.

  • You need new battle-armor to keep from being defeated in your battles both personally and globally.

  • Every time it looks like you are moving forward a little in life, something happens to set you back again.

  • You or someone you know has suffered an injustice and you want to know how to approach God for repayment.


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