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How to Flip Your Financial Future

Practical kingdom strategies to get out of debt, increase your finances and even start or grow your business or ministry, so you can “flip” your financial future … and flip it good!



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Have finances been holding you back from your God-given destiny?

Now is the time to get your financial breakthrough!

This 150+ page book packs powerful punch to activate you in practical kingdom strategies for sowing and reaping, getting out of debt, increasing your income, and even starting or growing your business or ministry, so you can “flip” your financial future … and flip it good!

What You’ll Receive From This Book:

  • Kingdom and biblical financial principles that will change your life
  • Strategies on how to get out of debt
  • Break off the spirit of poverty from you and your generational line
  • Practical strategies to increase your finances
  • How to develop extra income through the Internet
  • Developing “for-profit businesses to finance not-for-profit ministries”
  • Internet strategies to grow your business or ministry
  • Plus, much more!

Wherever you are in your financial journey, the biblical principles and personal experiences Doug shares in this book (including the strategies God gave him to get out of debt) will give you keys to finally let go of financial worries and get your financial breakthrough. – Dr. David Herzog

3 reviews for How to Flip Your Financial Future

  1. Steve Witt

    “Doug’s innovative thinking combined with authentic revelation from heaven has created this construct for financial peace. Doug has a way of seeing things differently than others. I love that! The financial realm is sometimes ignored, and yet is such a key to personal peace and spiritual advancement. How you handle your money triggers a multitude of blockages or opportunities. Learn from these revelations. Apply them and enjoy the fruit!”

    – Steve Witt, Bethel Cleveland

  2. Katie Souza

    “I love this book by Doug Addison. It is so insightful yet practical and very easy to follow. Even though we already carry an anointing for finances, I learned a lot through his study. If you follow the guidelines he has laid out in it, then you will definitely prosper!”

    – Katie Souza, Katie Souza Ministries and Expected End Ministries

  3. Dr. David Herzog

    “If you want to see God completely set you free of everything holding you back and start to prosper in every area….you must read this book!”

    – Dr. David Herzog, Author of The Glory Invasion

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