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Accelerating Your ‘Time to Heal’ – Workshop

Healing is a process so don’t be discouraged if you have to revisit things you thought you dealt with previously. In this powerful teaching and activation workshop, you will get better understanding of healing your body, soul and spirit, healing the past and spiritual roots of diseases, as well as how to develop your healing strategy with God.



“Why am I still not healed?”

Have you ever asked yourself—or God—that question?

Today’s overloaded and stressful lifestyles can weaken our bodies, emotions and relationships. In addition, daily news reports, social media rants and countless “expert” commentators continuously broadcast negative messages.

So what do you do when you are trying your best but still not getting healed?

In this 2-hour ministry-school level online workshop, Doug Addison draws from his personal experiences of living with severe illness for many years and contending for his healing. He reveals what really blocks our healing and how to hear from God to discern the root of your attack so you can get a healing strategy and enjoy life again.

Here is some of what you’ll get in this workshop:
  • How fear, negativity and rejection effect our health and well-being
  • Keys to open you up to God’s healing power
  • 3 types of healing, and the difference between healing and miracles
  • How to create an environment of wholeness
  • 5 things that weaken our immune system
  • Emotional hurts from the past and symptoms that the past is affecting you
  • Importance of emotional healing
  • Understanding the spiritual roots to diseases
  • What blocks our healing?
  • The supernatural power of forgiveness
  • 4 primary causes of common diseases
  • Ideas for creating a personal healing strategy
  • How to stay healed after your breakthrough
Includes 2-hour online video, mp3 audio download and PDF download of teaching notes and a bonus list of healing resources and tools. Don’t delay your healing process any longer. Get started now.


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