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Gateway to Your Destiny – Workshop (Part 3)

It’s Time to Prepare … for God’s Verdict & Assignment for You!

Getting results in the Courtroom of Heaven. Online workshop with Doug Addison and Elizabeth Nixon.

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DescriptionNew Revelation. Spiritual Gateway … opening now for release into your destiny, faster than you ever dreamed possible! Now Is a Strategic Time … August is a strategic time to prepare for what is coming for the new year. God releases verdicts and assignments for the coming new year during this time. Are you ready for yours? You need clues to your destiny and a way to make it reality. A New Season … The season is shifting, you know release is near, but … you don’t know how to prepare. Have You Hit a Plateau? Even pursuing the deeper things of God and helping others grow too … you can’t get to the next level! Relentless Attacks! The enemy has flooded the world, many cry out to God … for much needed change or recovery of lost blessings. The constant attacks have made people weary … to the point they can’t hear God clearly. Some people are sensing something more is about to be released and the shift in seasons, but can’t discern what it is or how to get started. Maybe you need emotional or physical healing and have tried everything without getting results. Don’t let your circumstances confuse you or cause you to doubt! Even if you’ve seen great results in the past using decrees and prayer strategies … but nothing seems to work now


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