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All registrants will get unlimited access to the replay and notes after the event.

Need Clarity .... Motivation ... Passion  to Pursue Your Purpose?


This year, God is opening up fresh understanding to the very reason you were brought to Earth!

Your Greater Life Purpose Is Being Revealed!

In this workshop, I will release the Prophetic Word for 2020 and Give You Tools to Be Activated in Your Life Purpose

Watch my video to discover more about what God is revealing in this new era and how you can fulfill your higher life-calling in 2020:


2020 is a year of receiving new assignments from the Lord! 


Greater understanding for the very reason you were brought to Earth is ...

... now being revealed.

God has a plan for promotions, advancements, and surprises planned for you!


This is a new season, a new era, a new decade and God’s prophetic promises to you are coming into light! And, it is time to get positioned with the Lord and positioned in Heaven for your greater purpose! 

I want to help you wake up each morning ready to work towards your purpose.


Activate Your Life Purpose: Strategies for Your New Season, my new online workshop will help you do just that!

…If you feel like there is something more for you to do in life, but lack clarity on what exactly that is, or you are unsure how to get started

…If you have difficulty making decisions and are afraid of making a wrong choice—even about small stuff!


… If you procrastinate on a regular basis, especially on the big tasks that are important for you to do


… If you have completely given up on some of your dreams and are less passionate about life than you once were


… Or if you are not taking any initiative in your own life, but are waiting for God to open doors of opportunity for you


You are experiencing common symptoms of someone who needs a breakthrough from God.


But I have some good news!


You can gain clarity and hear God’s voice for your greater purpose and get unstuck without any more frustration.

I’m hosting a special online training that will help you hear God clearly for your destiny so you can finally develop a plan to get you moving forward towards your higher calling!

As a Prophetic Life Coach, I’ve helped thousands of people just like you develop the ability to listen to God for the changing times and seasons.

After years of coaching, I started noticing this pattern: 

Once you have a greater understanding of your life-purpose (or higher calling), you can then develop plans that activate change in your life through the power of God.

If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; But when they attend to what he reveals, they are most blessed.
Proverbs 29:18 (MSG)

If you believe there is something more for you to do in life, but you feel clueless about where to start, haven’t developed a clear idea and
don’t have a proven process to follow …

… my new online training is for you!

Activate Your Life Purpose: Strategies for Your New Season

By participating in this 

Activate Your Life Purpose workshop, you will learn …

    • How to discern what is written in your Book of Purpose

    • How to partner with God to get your Book open and finally step into what you were created to do.

    • Simple ways to strengthen your ability to love and experience peace

    • The better way to clear out negativity and embrace a positive outlook on life

    • How to open your ability to hear God more clearly so you can plan more effectively for your future

    • Why developing new daily habits is an absolute must and the simple new patterns you can create in your life that move you towards your destiny

    • Doug’s top secrets for dealing with and overcoming stress and procrastination

    • Why it’s so important to get a vision of who you are becoming and what you are called to do

    • 4 common roadblocks you need to break through so you can skyrocket your spiritual life

    • Accelerated life-strategies and tips to get the tasks you tend to avoid done more quickly and painlessly

    • The truth about your body, soul and spirit connection

    • Doug’s absolute best tips and tools that will transform the way you live your life

Plus—how to develop your 2020 plan with strategies that make you ...

Get Results & Start Winning In Life!

And so much more!

God is revealing your greater life-calling and purpose in 2020.

I want to help you breathe life back into your dreams
and start waking up with passion in your heart again!


Activate Your Life Purpose online workshop can help you:

    • lose weight
    • get a better job
    • launch a business or ministry
    • write a book
    • deepen your relationship with God 
    • finally stop procrastinating and start doing what you were created to do!
    • and so much more!


Save money, free up your time and avoid the pain that comes from constantly searching for

tools that may help, but are expensive and time consuming.

I want everyone to be able to participate in this workshop ...

... and get clarity ... motivation ... renewed passion for your life's purpose!

So, I’m offering this training for ...

Only $37!


What You Get for Your Investment:

2+ hours of training and activation

Lifetime access to the audio and video replays

A copy of Doug’s teaching notes to review and put into practice


More importantly …

You will come out of this training with greater clarity, ready to write out your plan and live out your purpose in the new decade!

No More Doubts! Now is the Time for You To ...

Activate Your Life Purpose! 

In this workshop, I will release the Prophetic Word for 2020

and Give You Tools to Be Activated in Your Life Purpose

Join me and find out once and for all ...

... WHO you were born to be.

Activate Your Life Purpose: Strategies for Your New Season


Your Investment Only: $37 

What Others Are Saying About Doug's Workshops

"Thank you for sharing your God-inspired life coach teaching!"
"Thank you for this teaching, it has been encouraging. I began the year with the clarity that I am to write a book and that I was to start a blog that would help me compile the content. I am so excited!"
"It was very encouraging and renewed my hope!! I'm looking forward to reviewing the video and the notes."
"Always feel peace and hope after Doug's teachings. I will go back and listen to this several times. Always new things each time!"
"I love hearing Doug's insight and revelation. I was very encouraged by the teaching. Doug really has a passion to see others walk in their God-given destinies."
"It was really encouraging and enlightening. Doug always brings wonderful insights from God and this workshop was no different."
"I am new to Doug's ministry and was a little skeptical when I booked the workshop. I was, however, hungry for direction and at a crossroads in my life. The workshop was empowering and has changed my life. One single workshop. God is so awesome. Thank you so much!"

About Doug Addison

Doug Addison is the founder and president of InLight Connection. Doug is a prophetic speaker, author and coach. He is known for his Daily Prophetic Words, Spirit Connection webcast, podcast, and blog. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California where they are impacting the arts, entertainment and media industries.