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God Spoke, Now What?


Whether you got a prophetic word from me, someone else or if God has spoken to you directly, this book will give you practical ways to know what to do with what God has given you!

Have you ever received a prophetic word, but didn’t know what to do with it?

Or maybe you’ve received a prophetic word that still hasn’t come true ... and you’ve felt discouraged, wondering why.

Perhaps you’ve received a word from God that feels far out there in the distant future. Maybe it feels intimidating, overwhelming or even impossible to you, so you’re not even sure where to go from here.

That's what this book is all about.

So, how do we respond when God speaks to us?

I have found that at first it is fun to get prophetic words spoken over you at church or at a conference, but later you wonder why nothing has changed in your life. Doug's book tells you what to do with the prophetic words you have been given and how to activate and step into them.
Pam Pratt
Community Relations Specialist
Wife/Mom/Grandmom, Dreamer, Possibly Addicted to Coffee
Anyone who has ever received a prophetic word or heard the Spirit speak to their heart has asked the question, “Now what?” Receiving the word is the easy part. Understanding and holding on to that word until it comes to pass takes work. In God Spoke, Now What? Doug guides us through the process of testing the word, understanding God’s timing, and activating the word so that it manifests in the way God intended. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone gifted in, or receptive to, the prophetic.
InLight Connection Partner

About God Spoke, Now What?

Whether you got a prophetic word from Doug, someone else or if God spoke to you directly, this book will help you know what to do with the prophetic words & insights God has given you! Learn from Doug Addison’s experience as a prophetic speaker and coach. He has personally helped thousands of people activate the prophetic words that God has given them.

Highlights include:

  • Understand God’s timing for a word so you know what is for now and what is for later.
  • How to test a prophetic word accurately.
  • Why a simple word can be just as powerful.
  • Questions to ask yourself to activate what God is saying to you now.
  • How to prepare yourself to step into your word even when you know the timing isn’t for now.
  • Creating strategic declarations and prayers to help align you with God’s Word.

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