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My team and I want to express our compassion to those in Texas, Florida, the Caribbean, and all the other areas damaged by the recent hurricanes. Thankfully, my team members and their families in Texas and Florida are all ok!

We will continue our support of the relief efforts in BOTH places now by extending our donation sale. Through September 22, we will donate 30% of all sales, splitting the donations between the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund with the Greater Houston Community Foundation, and the Red Cross in Florida. As of yesterday, we've raised $222 so far!

I know there has been some controversy on the Internet about donating to the Red Cross, but Gail McGovern, their president, stated on CBS This Morning that 91 cents of every dollar designated for hurricane relief is being spent locally for those efforts.

Buy a book, download an mp3 teaching or watch a webinar from today, and join us in helping those affected in this 2017 hurricane season.

Shop now here:

(If you'd prefer to donate to relief efforts directly, we encourage anyone who is able to give to a charity of your choice that you know is helping the people locally.)