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Times are hard ...

There are so many bad things going on in the world—
terrorism, hate crimes, school shootings, natural disasters …

Fear has gripped hearts and souls!
So much bad brings questions and confusion.
Where is God in all this? What can I do?

Prayer Matters

We know that prayer changes things,
but too often we don’t pray as much as we wish we would.
Or …
You’ve tried praying everything you know to do—and nothing changes.

Don’t Fall for the Schemes …

or the lie that God isn’t listening.

Break Free!

The trap of negativity isolates you with silence,
robs your voice and steals your prayers.

There Is Room for You on the Wall

Watchmen and Prophetic Intercessors—now is your time.
Whether you feel like one or not …
You can push back the darkness around the world
and turn it for good!

Revival Is Coming!

Satan hates it and will use every evil thing to stop it.
But God is calling you to turn things around for good!

It’s Up to Us …

Stand Up! Step Up!
Drive Out the Darkness!

You Can Change the World

in a passionate, positive, and powerful way
with this new strategy!

Disarming Difficult Times: Passionate, Powerful and Positive Prayer workshop trains you to pray powerfully—strategically—in a new way!

Get equipped to stop the violence and shootings and even change weather patterns!

God told me to train others how to pray with power and stop the spirits of terrorism and murder.

Have you lost hope and feel crushed by life?

Are your personal circumstances overwhelming?

Maybe you’re confused by the world’s violence and tragedies,
and don’t understand why good people suffer and die …

Do you even know what or how to pray?

Maybe you’ve tried everything you know, but nothing changes …
You’ve started to wonder if God is listening or cares.

Are you too busy to pray and don’t think you make a difference?

What If …

your prayer strategies are outdated and are no longer effective for today?

It’s Time to Power Up!

I got a download from Heaven on how to stop violence and shootings—and even change the weather patterns.
My prayer team has recently seen hurricanes change patterns and gunmen caught!

Out with the old and in with the new!

Say “No” to ineffective, unanswered prayers.

It’s time to change your life and the world around you!

You can effect change now … even when you’re busy.
Your prayers can be passionate and powerful.
You can learn how to craft decrees that bring positive change.

Many people waste years feeling broken and bitter ...
Their spirits are crushed by the struggles of life.
You can learn how to revive crushed spirits and heal souls.

Many want to help …
They just don’t know how.

If you want to be equipped with targeted breakthrough prayer—Read This!

You Can Make a Difference!

Your prayers can affect life and death.
The world needs you to know how to pray strategically for this season.

You Are Not Alone ...

Get trained to find other praying people and develop intercession groups using my deeper internet training.

I have developed several prayer strategies for personal healing, finances, local and world situations.
I will train you in prophetic intercession breakthrough!

After years of dealing with brokenness and bitterness,
I received powerful revelation that healed my soul and revived my crushed spirit.

Disarming Difficult Times: Passionate, Powerful and Positive Prayer
online workshop
is a download from Heaven!

During a heavenly encounter, the Lord told me to raise up prophetic intercessors all over the world.
Intercessors who will overcome the spirits of fear and terror!

In this online training workshop, I give prayer strategies that work today!

Change your life and the world
with Disarming Difficult Times: Passionate, Powerful and Positive Prayer
Receive fresh revelation and new strategies for only $37!

I am healed!

I dealt with bitterness and brokenness for years … life had crushed my spirit.
Hardships—death of loved ones—four years of chronic illness.
I received powerful revelation that not only healed my soul, but revived my crushed spirit.

God wants us to take control.

We don’t have to live with the violence, madness and sadness.
Strategic revelatory prayers turn bad to good!

God showed me how to stop the attacks unleashed by Satan.

I will teach you how to bring change now with cutting-edge strategies fresh from Heaven.
You will learn how to impact the world for good with prayer and intercession.

As a prophetic intercessor for 25 years, I have developed several breakthrough strategies. This new revelation is for now—this time and season of unparalleled violence—to train us how to counterattack with God’s power and love.

My anointing and training will develop and accelerate your watchman and prophetic intercessor calling—whether you feel like one or not—so you can pray powerfully and shift the atmosphere.

It’s Time to Step Up and Pray with Power

With the Disarming Difficult Times: Passionate, Powerful and Positive Prayer online training workshop, you’ll get everything you need to develop a breakthrough prayer strategy. In this “new wine” release you’ll learn:

  • Prayer strategies that work for today!
  • Latest revelation on how to revive a crushed spirit.
  • Individual breakthrough strategies with Doug’s personal prayer outline.
  • Bible verses you can use to pray powerfully and shift the atmosphere.
  • Courts of Heaven focus for government and world leaders.
  • Training on how to find other praying people.
  • How to develop intercession groups using the deeper internet training.
  • Brand-new powerful activation exercises.
  • 24/7 access to the video replay plus the mp3 audio and pdf downloads of Doug’s notes.
Get Passionate, Powerful and Positive!
Say “No” to outdated strategies and ineffective, unanswered prayers.
Get equipped with the new way that disarms difficult times.

You can change your life and the world around you for only $37 with Doug Addison’s

Disarming Difficult Times:
Passionate, Powerful and Positive Prayer workshop

Get access now for only $37!

Your Investment:

Most ministry schools charge hundreds of dollars to attend their trainings. But in order to make this workshop accessible to more people, we offer this training online at a low cost so more people can get a breakthrough this year!

For only $37 you get all of this:

  • 2 hours of training, activation and Q&A with Doug Addison
  • Lifetime access to the video and audio replay
  • Downloadable notes

What Others Are Saying about Doug's Workshops

"Thank you for sharing your God-inspired life coach teaching!"
"Thank you for this teaching, it has been encouraging. I began the year with the clarity that I am to write a book and that I was to start a blog that would help me compile the content. I am so excited!"
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
"It was very encouraging and renewed my hope!! I'm looking forward to reviewing the video and the notes."
- Anonymous
"Always feel peace and hope after Doug's teachings. I will go back and listen to this several times. Always new things each time!"
- Anonymous
"I love hearing Doug's insight and revelation. I was very encouraged by the teaching. Doug really has a passion to see others walk in their God-given destinies."
- Philadelphia
"It was really encouraging and enlightening. Doug always brings wonderful insights from God and this workshop was no different."
- Los Angeles
"I am new to Doug's ministry and was a little skeptical when I booked the workshop. I was, however, hungry for direction and at a crossroads in my life. The workshop was empowering and has changed my life. One single workshop. God is so awesome. Thank you so much!"
- Victoria, British Columbia

Meet Doug

Doug Addison is the founder and president of InLight Connection. Doug is a prophetic speaker, author and coach. He is best known for his Daily Prophetic Words and Spirit Connection webcast, podcast and blog. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California where they are impacting the arts and entertainment and media industries. Doug’s message of love, hope and having fun reaches people around the world!

Turn It to Good—Power Up Now to Disarm Evil!