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"This is a must-have resource for any Christian looking to change the world with the love of God. Doug strategically breaks down this message of love in his practical way. You'll want to listen to it over and over again."
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Wife and mama, coffee lover, kayaker
“This is revolutionary, transformational message based on Jesus’ own words: For with the measure you use (toward others), it will be measured to you (Luke 6:38 NIV). When I apply this wisdom to my thoughts and conversations, setting aside my “right to be ‘right,’” the tension in my heart diffuses. If you’re looking for more peace in your life, give this a listen!"
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Mom/Grammie, writer, loves superhero movies
“After listening to this, I was struck by how much unintentional pain has been inflicted in the name of “being right.” It made me ask myself some questions: Am I motivated by fear or love in the way I relate to people? Am I compromising if I love someone who doesn’t yet "have it all together"?   Doug strikes the right balance in this timely message—he takes a Kingdom approach and reminds us that God’s heart is for His children to reflect His love.”
Editing/proofreading team
Landscaper, wife, mom of 3 adult kids
"People ask me, 'How do you hear God so clearly?' This message is exactly what opened the heavens over me to be able to hear God very clearly, and also to step into a time of blessing." – Doug Addison

How to Love and Not Judge - MP3 Download

The Key to Opening the Heavens Over Yourself & Opening People up to God

Format: MP3 Audio Download

In this 1-hour audio message, discover powerful biblical principles and keys to open blessings over yourself while you open people up to God instead of shutting them down.


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Do you wonder why so many people feel distant from God or can’t hear from God?

Do you or the people close to you struggle with illness or depression, relationship or financial difficulties?

The enemy has sown weeds into the Kingdom and we didn’t even see it happen.

These weeds have choked out blessings over your life. They have also blocked people from experiencing the transformative love of God.

Most people today do believe in God to some degree, but more are identifying as “spiritual but not religious”—not because they are turned off by God, but because many have been wounded and rejected by the church. But God’s heart is to reach the spiritual outcasts!

Based on biblical principles, you will get eyes to see the ways Jesus demonstrated love so that people could experience God. And you will learn how he interacted with people who were not religious.

Highlights of this message include

  • What closes the heavens over you—and what opens you up for blessing
  • Rediscovering the lost message of grace and love
  • The weeds the enemy has sown in the Kingdom (that we didn’t notice)
  • Understanding the powerful spiritual principle of agreement
  • The two laws of love
  • How we can change the spiritual atmosphere over us and others
  • The covert attack of the enemy and how to get out of it
  • The common trap Christians have fallen into
  • The dangerous and tormenting role that fear plays to keep you out of love
  • How judgment actually hinders people from experiencing God’s love
  • How Jesus broke judgments over people—and how we can, too!

If you want to open up the flow of blessings in your life, this amazing and unique message will deepen your relationship with God and change the spiritual atmosphere over yourself and others so we can get aligned with what God is doing in revival!

How to Love and Not Judge

The Key to Opening the Heavens Over Yourself & Opening People up to God

Format: MP3 Audio Download