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One of our favorites from the InLight Connection team!

"Unlocking Your Breakthrough is my favorite of Doug's products! I wish every young adult could go through it and reach their God-given potential! Doug offers uplifting practical steps to help you bring a lasting change to your life."
Customer Service, 20-something, wife, dog mama
“I'm a fairly self-coached person, BUT every time I go through this course I feel like I hit the "reset" button. Doug says "breakthrough requires you to change" and he gives you the tools to step into that change you know God is calling you to. These are tools you can use often. I listen to this on a regular basis to help light a fire under me as I step into the new things ahead.”
Systems Admin., 30-something, health coach, world traveler
“This is one of my favorite online courses! I once paid $500 for a 1-hour personal coaching time with someone else and after the call, I was left trying to capture notes and create action items on my own. But with Doug’s Self-Coaching Toolkit, I have access to the 2-hour video, audio, training slides, the e-book and workbook! This online training is full of life-changing biblical principles, as well as Holy Spirit power-packed impartations and activations that will help you accelerate your breakthrough. I recently bought this for my college graduate to help her discover her destiny and develop a breakthrough lifestyle based on Godly principles.”
Online Community Manager, Wife/Mom/Grandmom, Dreamer, Possibly Coffee Addict
“The Unlock Your Breakthrough: Self-Coaching Toolkit is a result of over 25 years of coaching myself to reach my goals and making lots of mistakes in the process. Through these mistakes I learned and perfected this process I use to coach myself (and others) to their breakthroughs.”
– Doug Addison

Receive the keys you need to finally overcome obstacles and unlock your breakthrough so you can move forward in your life purpose.

If you want to move to the next level or do something new but you feel stuck, this pioneering online course will give you keys to unlocking the breakthrough you need to move forward into the things God has called you to.

This online course includes:

  • The 2-hour "How To Be Your Own Breakthrough Coach” online video training with MP3 version & PDF of all of the slides
  • The 130-page “Unlocking Your Breakthrough” ebook
  • The 36-page “Unlocking Your Breakthrough” Companion Workbook with 21 activation exercises.
Highlights Include:
  • Defining your life purpose
  • Discovering the barriers that have been holding you back
  • How to reduce your stress and get out of the S.P.I.N cycle
  • Eliminating negative thought patterns that keep you stuck
  • Developing breakthrough strategies to get “unstuck”
  • The Emotional Inventory Activation Exercise: Find out what emotions you feel most and how you can flip the negative emotions.
  • Breakthrough Self-Coaching Activation Exercise: Assess the breakthrough you are looking for in your life overall. Creating a MAP (Manageable Action Plan) so you can reach your goals
  • Plus, a lot more ...

If you need a serious breakthrough, this self-coaching course could be exactly what you need.