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Now YOU Can Finally Hear God’s Voice!

Here is how to know God's voice and plan for your season through Online Coaching with Doug Addison

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Don’t miss another word! Now is the time we all need to hear the voice of God clearly.

Can you hear God sometimes

but aren’t sure if you're right, or …

Maybe you’ve never heard God speak and don’t know where to start?

Need some clarity on decisions?

Doug is also talking about ... how to hear God for your marriage, your future spouse and making major decisions and relocations!

Now you can have HEAR GOD CLEARLY for only $37 AND 2 hours of prophetic life coaching with Doug Addison!

Find out now how to tune in and learn to discern:

Knowing God's Voice

is to be in the right place at the right timeon time.

If you’ve ever felt that you’ve missed it or don’t even know for sure if you heard, now is your time to “learn to discern.”

Don’t be deceived or stuck in your situation or season without knowing what God is saying … for sure.

There is nothing worse than needing an on-time word and misinterpreting what God is saying.

There is a solution! People who hear take action ...

Today you can learn to ACCELERATE your ability to hear God clearly and not spend your lifetime in silence to His voice.

Right now, there’s a new pattern being revealed from Heaven to help you hear God. Learn how in these 2 hours of coaching and activation.

As a prophetic breakthrough coach, I have helped tens of thousands of people learn to hear God’s voice.

I want you to hear and be FREE FROM FEAR of being deceived. My coaching not only helps you understand how God speaks to YOU, it gives you PEACE!

A peace that your decisions and actions align with God’s timing and will.
With the strategies and breakthrough anointing God has given me, I look forward to accelerating your ability to hear God and thrive!

What YOU will get from this workshop:

This is more than teaching—you get to participate! Not only will I share my classic breakthrough strategies + activation exercises on how to hear God’s voice, but also—new revelation.

  • 2 hours of prophetic life-coaching strategies, tools, activations and exercises—plus the new paradigm from Heaven!
  • Know if what you are hearing is from yourself or God
  • Understand God’s will and timing
  • Learn to discern God’s voice from other sources
  • Explore the different spiritual gifts of hearing God
  • Develop eyes to see and ears to hear
  • Wisdom and how to respond
  • We don’t have to be a prophet (but some are)
  • Different levels of hearing God and how to respond
  • How God is speaking to children
  • How to practically activate a prophetic word
  • Prayer of impartation and prophetic activation
  • Q&A with Doug Addison
  • Lots more …

What Others Are Saying about Doug's Workshops

"Thank you for sharing your God-inspired life coach teaching!"
"Thank you for this teaching, it has been encouraging. I began the year with the clarity that I am to write a book and that I was to start a blog that would help me compile the content. I am so excited!"
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
"It was very encouraging and renewed my hope!! I'm looking forward to reviewing the video and the notes."
- Anonymous
"Always feel peace and hope after Doug's teachings. I will go back and listen to this several times. Always new things each time!"
- Anonymous
"I love hearing Doug's insight and revelation. I was very encouraged by the teaching. Doug really has a passion to see others walk in their God-given destinies."
- Philadelphia
"It was really encouraging and enlightening. Doug always brings wonderful insights from God and this workshop was no different."
- Los Angeles
"I am new to Doug's ministry and was a little skeptical when I booked the workshop. I was, however, hungry for direction and at a crossroads in my life. The workshop was empowering and has changed my life. One single workshop. God is so awesome. Thank you so much!"
- Victoria, British Columbia


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Your Investment:

Most ministry schools charge hundreds of dollars to attend their trainings. But in order to make this workshop accessible to more people, we offer this training online at a low cost so more people can get a breakthrough this year!

For only $37 you get all of this:

  • 2 hours of training, activation and Q&A with Doug Addison
  • Lifetime access to the video and audio replay
  • Downloadable notes
Available for a limited time only!
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Meet Doug

Doug Addison is the founder and president of InLight Connection. Doug is a prophetic speaker, author and coach. He is best known for his Daily Prophetic Words and Spirit Connection webcast, podcast and blog. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California where they are impacting the arts and entertainment and media industries.

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