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2017 Prophetic Forecast

Kris Vallotton

2017 will undoubtedly be an unprecedented year! Doug Addison’s 2017 Prophetic Forecast beautifully highlights prophetic insights and the milestones that we hope to reach in the upcoming year. This encouraging book is both practical and inspiring, as Doug gives you prayer strategies while awakening hope for a victorious year. It truly is an impartation of […]

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Wendy Griffith

Doug Addison has done it again. His prophecies ring true. His new book, 2017 Prophetic Forecast, is a great encouragement and blueprint for what God is about to do in your life and mine in 2017. Read it and be encouraged!

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Joan Hunter

I read Doug’s Daily Prophetic Words every day and I am really excited to have the prophetic word for this year in one book! It is a confirmation of what God is showing me for this new year. This is a year of going out with the old and in with the new. I am

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Steve Shultz

Having just finished reading Doug Addison’s 2017 Prophetic Forecast, I have to tell you that I’m “SUPER EXCITED!” about 2017! This is going to be great … partnering with Heaven in these months we are now entering. God is about to blow the doors off of our current mindsets in how we reach the Lost,

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Lana Vawser

“Doug Addison’s _2017 Prophetic Forecast_ is infused with hope, dripping with rich revelation and authenticity. I loved the practical keys and nuggets of wisdom Doug shares with great clarity. My prayer is as you read the revelation Doug shares, that you will be refreshed and filled with hope, excitement and anticipation for 2017, whilst challenging

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Dr. David Herzog

Once again God has released to Doug some of his secrets about amazing events that are about to occur. God does nothing without first revealing it to his prophetic people. This is the real deal and a must read to be ready for what is coming!

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Bill Yount

“A fire will burn within you as you absorb Doug Addison’s captivating new book: 2017 Prophetic Forecast. For those who are seeing the glass half empty, get ready to see the glass overflow with new hope for the New Year. Doug’s prophetic forecast includes both physical and spiritual weather patterns, with the certain possibility of

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Dr. Barbie L. Breathitt

“Doug Addison has done it again! He has compiled this 2017 Prophetic Forecast that gives believers a bright hope and plan for a successful future. We can expect great and glorious things to happen in 2017. This anointed manuscript is full of faith, prophetic wisdom and timing that will empower you to embrace the changes

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Johnny Enlow

“I want to recommend my friend Doug Addison’s latest book, 2017 Prophetic Forecast. Doug does a great job of going into visions and revelation from past seasons and years and bringing them forward into 2017. As I read through the book I received wave after wave after wave of hope and encouragement with every new

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Dr. Jeremy Lopez

“Doug Addison has done it again! When the church needs to hear the word of the Lord, God always sends Doug Addison to let us know what He is saying for that season. Doug brings forth the timing of the Lord when God will initiate ‘open windows and doors’ for the greater portion of His

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