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2018 Prophetic Forecast V3

Jerame Nelson

“This book will open the eyes of your heart into the mysteries of God’s Spirit as well as reveal to you what’s right around the corner prophetically. I highly suggest this book to anybody who desires to see into heaven or have encounters in God’s glory, as it will inspire and impart an anointing to […]

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Lana Vawser

“Doug Addison’s Prophetic Forecast, Volume 3 is a well of deep revelation, insight, teaching, wisdom and strategy. I know you will be as blessed by this Prophetic Forecast as I was.”

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Jeff Jansen

“I highly recommend Doug Addison’s new book Prophetic Forecast, Volume 3 that shares valuable insights into this new season. If you need the word of the Lord or a spiritual reality check, you need to make this new book part of your arsenal for the new season. In the pages of this book are incredible

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Bonnie Jones

“Prophetic Forecast, Volume 3 is a must-read. In this book, Doug Addison shares his 50 days of supernatural encounters. Each encounter is significant and timely for the days we are living in. I believe God revealed His heart for the harvest to Doug through these supernatural encounters. Pay close attention to the words of this

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Johnny Enlow

“I strongly recommend Doug Addison’s Prophetic Forecast, Volume 3. I am used to his forecasts being accurate and helpful, but this one had another level of anointing and impartation on it. Doug experienced 50 days of “behind the veil” encounters and it is quite evident that this is from another level. It contains the keys

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Wendy Griffith

“Doug Addison is one of the most gifted prophetic voices of our generation and His passionate message to demonstrate God’s love to those who are still seeking is crucial to ushering in the next big move of God.  Don’t miss Doug’s latest book, Prophetic Forecast, Volume 3, to find out what’s coming next!”

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Shawn Bolz

“Doug Addison is a revolutionary thinker. He’s brilliant at helping us see outside of the box and does it again in this manuscript. If you want to be inspired get a hold of a copy now.“

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