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“This is one of my favorite online courses! I once paid $500 for a 1-hour personal coaching time with someone else and after the call, I was left trying to capture notes and create action items on my own. But with Doug’s Self-Coaching Toolkit, I have access to the 2-hour video, audio, training slides, the […]

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“I’m a fairly self-coached person, BUT every time I go through this course I feel like I hit the “reset” button. Doug says “breakthrough requires you to change” and he gives you the tools to step into that change you know God is calling you to. These are tools you can use often. I listen

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“Unlocking Your Breakthrough is my favorite of Doug’s products! I wish every young adult could go through it and reach their God-given potential! Doug offers uplifting practical steps to help you bring a lasting change to your life.”

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