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Destiny Dream Interpretation Workshop

Learn how to uncover the clues to your calling by looking deeper into what God is saying to you through your dreams.



Find out how you can discover God’s plan for your life through the hidden meanings of your night dreams.

Believe it or not, your night dreams can actually give you insights and clarity about your destiny—if you know how to interpret the messages. Proverbs 25:2 says, “It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out.” Doug Addison once had a dream where someone left a baby in his car. Since he knew that babies often symbolize new things coming, he marked his calendar for 9 months later to watch for what God may bring. Sure enough, at that time God brought Doug something that helped him get out of debt. But if he hadn’t paid attention, marked his calendar and been prepared, he may have completely missed the revelation. Now it’s your turn to discover how to interpret your dreams for the revelation God is giving you about your calling and destiny. Highlights of this 2.5-hour dream intensive workshop include:
  • Discerning whether a dream is from God and what it means for you
  • Getting to the meaning of a dream fast in 4 easy steps
  • Doug’s brand new Destiny Dream Roadmap
  • Interacting with your dreams at night to bring them into reality
  • Understanding advanced dream symbols.
  • Uncovering the plans of the enemy through your dreams (so you can break off the attack)
  • Plus, much more.
This teaching comes from Doug’s experience of interpreting over 30,000 dreams and training people on biblical, prophetic dream interpretation. Includes video, audio and PDF download of teaching notes.


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