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Disarming Difficult Times: Passionate, Positive and Powerful Prayer – Workshop

We know that prayer changes things, but too often we don’t pray as much as we wish we would. Or …
You’ve tried praying everything you know to do—and nothing changes.

Disarming Difficult Times: Passionate, Powerful and Positive Prayer workshop trains you to pray powerfully—strategically—in a new way!



Get equipped to stop the violence and shootings and even change weather patterns!

God told me to train others how to pray with power and stop the spirits of terrorism and murder. Have you lost hope and feel crushed by life? Are your personal circumstances overwhelming? Maybe you’re confused by the world’s violence and tragedies, and don’t understand why good people suffer and die … Do you even know what or how to pray? Maybe you’ve tried everything you know, but nothing changes … You’ve started to wonder if God is listening or cares. Are you too busy to pray and don’t think you make a difference?

What If …

your prayer strategies are outdated and are no longer effective for today?

It’s Time to Power Up!

I got a download from Heaven on how to stop violence and shootings—and even change the weather patterns. My prayer team has recently seen hurricanes change patterns and gunmen caught!
With the Disarming Difficult Times: Passionate, Powerful and Positive Prayer online training workshop, you’ll get everything you need to develop a breakthrough prayer strategy. In this “new wine” release you’ll learn:
  • Prayer strategies that work for today!
  • Latest revelation on how to revive a crushed spirit.
  • Individual breakthrough strategies with my personal prayer outline.
  • Bible verses you can use to pray powerfully and shift the atmosphere.
  • Courts of Heaven focus for government and world leaders.
  • Training on how to find other praying people.
  • How to develop intercession groups using the deeper internet training.
  • Brand-new powerful activation exercises.
  • 24/7 access to the video replay plus the mp3 audio and pdf downloads of my notes.
Get Passionate, Powerful and Positive! Say “No” to outdated strategies and ineffective, unanswered prayers. Get equipped with the new way that disarms difficult times.


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