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Discovering the Supernatural – PDF Download


Find out how Heaven, angels and the supernatural are interacting with you today!

What You’ll Get In This Book:

Open your spiritual “eyes to see” God’s supernatural realms

Develop your discernment and your spiritual authority

Know God better so you can step into your calling with confidence!

Nearly 8 out of 10 Americans believe in angels…

BUT did you know the supernatural realm of Heaven and angels are interacting with YOU on a daily basis?

Highlights in This Book Include:

  • Preparing for the supernatural—Why don’t we all have supernatural encounters?
  • “Learn to discern” the real vs. the counterfeit
  • Keeping a Kingdom focus: Angels
  • Understanding the Kingdom of God
  • Is it from God even if it is weird?
  • Introduction to heavenly encounters
  • What is an Open Heaven?
  • Interacting with Heaven and the Books in Heaven
  • Courtrooms of Heaven – rooms and the Counsel of Heaven
  • Steps to open the heavens Over You
  • Powerful activations
  • Q & A – Doug’s answers to the most frequent questions on the supernatural