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God Is Speaking All the Time … but we often miss or do not understand what He is saying.


God Is Speaking All the Time …

but we often miss or do not understand what He is saying.


Night Dreams Reveal Life Dreams
God talks through prophecy and dreams—even tattoos!


You need to understand His language.


Find Destiny
Hear God speak through prophecy and dreams.
They point to calling and purpose.
Find yours and help others find theirs!

People are hungry—everywhere—for God these days.
Revival is coming! Workers are needed!
A billion souls are ready for harvest.

God is looking for people to help.
People who hear and understand.
Someone who can open people up
and not close them off to Him.

Did you hear what God is saying about …
The Broken—The Rejected—The Outcasts—The Unchurched?
God wants relationship with them, too!
But some have a hard time identifying with church
even though they know the Lord.

Bad church experiences—or ones that lack power—prevent wounded people from getting help and can stop some
from finding God.


We need to get equipped in our calling and
trained in the prophetic, to see the unseen
and reach people who don’t feel welcomed or wanted.

Interpret Dreams—Impart Peace—Interpret Tattoos—Use Prophecy
Learn to hear what God is saying so you can help …
in a way they will understand.


Doug Addison’s School of the Spirit not only trains you …
it equips you to take words of encouragement where the people are …
in the new way while honoring the old!


God said to get this unique prophetic school out of “the vault” to prepare for revival.


God wants you prepared. Are you prepared?


Are you living a powerful, Spirit-led life to fire up renewal?


Are you ready for God’s next move—that’s already here?

It’s time to get ready!

Out of “the vault” and available for a limited time only …
Doug Addison’s School of the Spirit
Get released and unleashed into a powerful, Spirit-led life!


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