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Hearing the Voice of God 365 – Full Course Full Price

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Hearing the Voice of God 365

Online prophetic activation school with Doug Addison

Most people don’t have the time, money or opportunity to attend a ministry school to get that kind of training and activation in real life.

So we’ve put together an online ministry school that adjusts to YOUR schedule!

Hearing the Voice of God 365 is the online ministry training school that comes to YOU!

You’ll be activated to “learn to discern” the voice of God every day, grow in your gifts, walk in your identity and discover the destiny God has for you!

Learn at your own pace through 12 Modules full of how-to teaching and coaching with Doug, exclusive Mentoring Sessions with more prophetic leaders and activation exercises to help you learn to hear the voice of God, deepen your relationship with Him, and save you time!

We’ve designed this breakthrough learning process so it fits effortlessly into your lifestyle and applies to your daily life.

  • NO tests.
  • NO grades.
  • NO deadlines.
  • NO required reading.

Hearing the Voice of God will give you a full download of Doug Addison’s 25 years of experience in hearing God, understanding your dreams and experiencing the supernatural.

Get ready to skyrocket your spiritual life within a short amount of time!

As a student of Hearing the Voice of God 365 you will:

  • Learn to discern God’s voice and what God is speaking to you
  • Develop “eyes to see and ears to hear”
  • Grow in your ability to hear God through creativity, media and more
  • Recognize the ways God speaks through your specific spiritual gifts
  • Learn how God can speak through your dreams
  • Encounter the supernatural in fresh ways
  • Develop a “naturally supernatural” lifestyle
  • Step into your true identity—who you really are
  • Discover your destiny
  • Be activated in your prophetic gifts, healing, finances, creativity and more!


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