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Prophetic Lifestyle Training Kit

This online training is about using your ability to hear God to connect with people the way Jesus did it—tailored for each person and each encounter to meet their need. It is the result of several years of Doug Addison’s “street research”—finding new and creative ways to reach people with God’s supernatural love. No methods. No formula. No pressure!

Includes 6 teaching sessions, a bonus video, 2 ebooks, workbook and Trainer’s Guide and Student Guide so you can teach this in a class or with a group. Note: This is Doug’s original online training, brought back for a limited time only.


Becoming a Natural at Sharing God’s Supernatural Love!

“Imagine the possibilities if you could go about your everyday life and hear God’s heart for someone … and then be able to communicate it in a way they could receive it.” ~ Doug Addison

When Jesus said to his disciples that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6), He was showing them HOW to reach people: If we show them the way — the truth and the life will follow.

Prophetic Lifestyle Training Kit is not a method or a formula. This is the art of using your ability to hear God to connect with people the way Jesus did it—tailored for each person and each encounter to meet their need, because every person is at a different place.

Over 25 years ago, after “coming out of extreme darkness into God’s extreme light”, Doug set out on a journey to find new ways to reach people in today’s culture.


The Prophetic Lifestyle Training Kit is the result of several years of  “street research”—taking teams into the streets and finding new and creative ways to connect people with God’s love. It is also the result of a lifetime of Doug’s personal journey of finding out how to grow in God’s love, discovering more about the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit and then learning how to reach out to people.

Watch this Excerpt from Session 1:

Some of What You’ll Discover: 

  • The 4 easy steps to prophetic encounters with people in places like Starbucks
  • How Jesus dealt with nonbelievers vs. believers (there is a difference!)
  • How to recognize where someone is in their spiritual process, their journey
  • Grow in your ability to hear God for yourself and for other people
  • How to have divine encounters and prophesy to people in public
  • Learn how to communicate with people without sounding religious – very important today!
  • Understand the difference between psychic words vs. a prophetic word from God
  • Experience the power of encouraging words (1 Corinthians 14:3 says the prophetic is for strengthening, encouraging and comfort.)


  • 7 mp4 videos & 7 audio mp3 files (6 Teaching Sessions + 1 Bonus Video)
  • Downloadable PDF guides
  • Prophecy, Dreams & Evangelism: Revealing God’s Love Through Divine Encounters ebook by Doug Addison
  • No More Christianese ebook by Doug Addison

Plus, Doug has also included in this version, everything you would need to teach this in a church, class or small group:

  • Done-For-You Powerpoint slides
  • 8-page Trainer Guide
  • 66-page Student Guide
  • 15-page Express Guide
  • Outreach sign examples


Note: This was formerly known as the Prophetic Evangelism Workshop. It is one of Doug’s core messages and original training that he taught around the country. The name was updated in 2017, but all the content is Doug’s original online training, brought out of “The Vault” for a limited time only.


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