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Seer Activation Kit

God wants you to see into the spiritual realm so you can understand the messages He is speaking to you! In this Seer Activation Kit, I will pull back the curtain on the Seer Gift and show you how to activate your prophetic vision. In this special kit, you will receive nearly 5 hours of powerful and practical training. I will show you how to open up the areas of hearing God that often are not taught. You’ll get 2 full workshops plus a bonus teaching on how to realign yourself to be a seer. This bonus session alone is worth more than the price of the kit!


The Seer Gift: How to Activate Your Prophetic Vision

Maybe you are already hearing God and seeing into the heavenly realm, but you need a boost to go to the next level in your understanding. You need to sharpen your ability to see and hear what God is doing right now in the heavenly realm. This is called the Seer Gift. The Seer Gift is often misunderstood, but is available to everyone.

How to Activate Seeing and Hearing in the Spirit

I combine this with practical activation exercises that go beyond most training workshops and I show you how to do it—and pray prophetic prayers of impartation over you to pull your gifts forward. I’ll help you accelerate the process of activating what God is speaking to you so you can avoid the pain and fear of missing out.

There’s a Fresh, New Wave of the “Seer Anointing” Being Released!

House of the Seer with Doug Addison
Do you want your eyes opened to the spiritual realm? House of the Seer—my new virtual prophetic ministry—can help open your eyes to the supernatural realm and equip you to identify and break off the attacks of the enemy that are keeping you stuck.


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