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Understanding the Courts of Heaven: Part 2 – online workshop

Have you been praying and battling for yourself or your loved ones—and seeing little to no change? This workshop may help explain why.

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We had such an overwhelming interest in our first Understanding the Courts of Heaven online workshop in November 2017 and we received so many great questions.

So we decided to do a Part 2!

You might be asking, “Why do I need training in how to operate in the Courts of Heaven? After all, we have the Bible and the blood of Jesus Christ.” The answer is simple. Satan is over-attacking people with tragedies, acts of violence, storms, fires and floods. The scales of injustice are out of balance so God is releasing revelation like this to help us get repayment for our losses. Many of you asked questions about how to open a case for yourself or someone else—whether it’s for your spouse or future spouse, your children, your calling, finances, etc. I’ll be covering that along with much more, since I had more revelation than I could fit into the first one. I’ll also be giving even more real-life examples—so you can take this revelation and be able to apply it practically to your life circumstances. Note: While it’s not required, watching the replay of Part 1 is recommended, so you have that foundation before Part 2.


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