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Have you noticed that there are times of the year when you have more night-dreams?

There are spiritual seasons throughout the year when God often speaks more clearly to us through our dreams, and the Passover/Easter season is one of them.

If you want to get a jumpstart on interpreting and understanding your dreams—in all the coming seasons, check out our picks for the month of March!

“For any of you dreamers out there, the Dream Crash Course is a must.  It has opened up a whole new world to me by helping me understand how God speaks to me through my dreams.”
Growth coach, lover of the King.
“People often ask me to interpret their dreams. Understand Your Dreams Now is a wonderful book I have confidence in that I use and also refer other people to so they can be equipped to interpret and hear God through their dreams!”
Special Projects Admin
Blessed Aunt, Health Advocate, Loves Camping
“I use Understand Your Dreams Now nearly every day. The four simple steps Doug outlines to get a dream interpretation quickly, PLUS the symbols dictionary, give me a lot of confidence that I can understand what God is saying to me through my dreams.
Content Team
Writer, Wife, Coffee Connoisseur

Dream Crash Course

Discover how to interpret the prophetic meaning of your dreams and visions in 4 quick steps. Plus, understanding dream symbols, numbers, colors and more!

The Dream Crash Course is a powerful 10-part online video course that takes you through a journey to unlocking the prophetic meaning of your dreams and visions in 4 quick steps.

Understand Your Dreams Now: Spiritual Dream Interpretation

Discover an easier way to understand the deeper meaning behind your dreams and get to it quickly with pinpoint accuracy.

In this book Doug took the essence of his many years of dream interpretation training and what to look for as a dream expert. He found a way to teach people so they can catch on quickly through an accelerated dream learning process.