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Dreams and Angelic Encounters—Understanding the Language of Heaven—Workshop


God is now releasing greater revelation through dreams, visions and supernatural encounters!

I know you want to understand what God is speaking to you. Here’s how you can save time and accelerate the learning process …

Now is a time in which God speaks to us about our destiny … especially through dreams, visions, and heavenly encounters!

Through dreams and angelic encounters, God will reveal your destiny, life calling, the plans of the enemy and even bring healing!

Maybe you identify with some of these …

  • You’re afraid of encountering the supernatural
  • You’re not sure if what you’re seeing in the spirit is from God or from the enemy
  • You dream a lot, but have trouble remembering or understanding them
  • You feel confused when it comes to understanding your dreams at night
  • You or someone you know suffer from nightmares
  • You have had some significant dreams but need clarity on the interpretation and how God wants you to respond
  • Your children are dreaming, but you don’t know how to train them to understand
  • You have been growing in understanding your dreams but want to go to the next level

The heavens are open right now to hear the voice of God much more clearly than other times in the year through dreams, visions and supernatural encounters.

I have not hosted an online workshop on dreams in over two years …

… this brand-new online training comes at a strategic time!


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