Power Duo Bundle

With this Power Duo Bundle, you will have all you need to get started making an impact on the internet and around the world. In Influencing the World Masterclass, Doug shows you how you can expand your reach and get your message, product or service out to a larger audience. And, in Developing Products and Online Courses, he walks you through his personal process for developing products and selling them on the internet. This is truly a power-packed bundle, for those who need direction on how to get started online or for those who want to take their online strategies to the next level.




Influence The World Masterclass

Do you need to get your message, product or service out to the world but you don’t know where to start? You can make more income to do what God has called you to do—starting now! The world is shifting to doing more things online and many people don’t have the know-how to advance (yet).

Sound familiar?

This masterclass will equip you to not only get started but to soar! And even if you are already online, you can find tools and resources, plus new tips and strategies inside to help take your online business or ministry to the next level!

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Developing Products & Online Courses

God is bringing revival around the world through the internet! But what’s your part to play in it all? God is moving throughout the entire world—and He is using the internet to do it!

This is part of the new normal of this global environment we live in.

The need to work and minister online is becoming even more apparent
due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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