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Changing The Spiritual Atmosphere Over Your Relationships Workshop

Find out how to positively influence the challenging relationships in your life, whether it’s with a boss, co-worker, spouse, parent, child or friend.


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Wondering how to deal with the stressful relationships in your life?
Want to know how healthy relationships can launch you into your destiny?

Before Jesus became the most influential man to walk the earth, He grew in favor with God and with man, meaning with people (Luke 2:52). This favor He had in his relationships helped launch his public ministry when the time was right.

Many years ago, when Doug was working for an over-controlling boss he discovered how changing the spiritual atmosphere over his relationship with his boss completely shifted how they interacted and it turned things around.

Whether it’s a difficult co-worker or you are struggling in a relationship with your spouse, children, family or friends, this 2-hour video workshop will help you to see how YOU can change the atmosphere over your relationships so they lift you up instead of bring you down.

Highlights of this ministry-school level training include:

  • Aligning yourself for the right relationships in the right season
  • Finding mentors and people who want to help you
  • Dealing correctly and lovingly with difficult people
  • Strengthening your marriage and existing relationships
  • Loving people who don’t love you
  • Restoring broken relationships
  • Recognizing toxic relationships and setting boundaries
  • Plus, much more

This teaching comes from Doug’s many years of dealing with many types of people in the workforce and through building a church and ministry.

Find out how rewarding it can be to positively influence your relationships so they can be a source of blessing in your life and help launch you into your destiny!

Includes video, audio and PDF download of teaching notes.


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