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How to Ignite Revival in Your Own Life – Workshop

How to overcome the things that overcome you, unpack the meaning of true revival, and new strategies for spiritual, emotional, physical and relational healing.



Do you want to transform the world with the love of God? First you need an inner transformation ... a personal revival!

You need personal revival so that you can:
  • Finally overcome the things that have overcome you
  • Release the things that have held you back
  • Finally move forward into your greater destiny
  • Be the bridge for those around you who are hurting and in need of love, acceptance, and help
There is SO much more to revival than a church meeting!

Revival actually means the strength or condition of something is transformed or renewed!

And God wants to ignite a "personal revival" in your life so you can then kindle that same spark in others until it becomes a bigger fire! Watch my video to hear more:


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